Upright Vacuum Cleaners are Best Tools for Preserving Carpets   

Upright Vacuum Cleaners are Best Tools for Preserving Carpets   

In office buildings, schools, hotels, restaurants and commercial buildings across the country, carpet is the top flooring choice. The reasons why are many: Carpet absorbs sound, enhances style, makes spaces more comfortable and can even reduce exposure of allergens and dust to occupants. That last perk may surprise you, but research conducted by the Carpet and Rug Institute backs it up: carpets hang onto to allergens and dust that would otherwise become airborne and pose health risks in environments with hard-surface floors.

With proper care, most commercial carpets can last a decade or more, but it’s important for facility managers to understand the three main types of soil that can affect their appearance and lifespan:

  • About 75 percent of soils in commercial carpets are dry particles, including dirt, pet dander, fiber, hair, clay, sand and pollen.
  • An estimated 12 percent of debris in carpet is made from fluids, starches and sugars stemming from sweat and food particles.
  • Oily soils from automotive lubricants, tar and asphalt residues make up about 10 percent of the soils found in carpets.

So which is the most damaging?

The answer is the most prevalent one — dry particle soils. Gritty and heavy, these soils break down floor coverings at their bases because they work their way into the lower fibers, those close to the primary backing.

Upright Vacuum Cleaners are the Best Defense

The most important tool you have for protecting carpets is an upright vacuum cleaner. A Bissell upright vacuum can easily handle dry particle soils, including dirt, hair, pet dander and sand.

We recommend prioritizing your cleaning practices by creating a map of your space and highlighting the areas that get the most daily foot traffic. In most facilities, these spaces are hallways, lobbies, gathering spaces like dining areas or conference rooms and areas near office equipment that gets used frequently. Once you’ve identified these hot spots, make sure they get at least two passes with upright vacuum cleaners each day. Areas with lighter foot traffic may be vacuumed weekly at a minimum.

Our upright vacuum cleaners are ideal for high-traffic areas and daily cleaning, and our team of cleaning experts is happy to recommend the best models for your needs and budget. Whether you manage a restaurant, resort, school, retail establishment or office building a Bissell upright vacuum is your best tool for enhancing the appearance and longevity of your carpet.