Upright Vacuum Cleaners: The Carpet and Indoor Air Quality Connection

Upright Vacuum Cleaners: The Carpet and Indoor Air Quality Connection

You have plenty of options in vacuum cleaner types, but when it comes to your commercial property, upright vacuum cleaners are a natural choice.

Indoor air quality is an important issue in every commercial establishment across the United States. To maintain good indoor air quality, building managers should understand problems that relate to it and seek to contain sources of contamination, if not eliminate them altogether.

The three major surfaces that affect indoor air quality are ceiling, walls, and flooring. Of the three, flooring is the most crucial, mainly because of gravity. Thanks to this natural phenomenon, dust, dirt, and other floating particles do not remain airborne for long, and eventually fall on the flat surface that is your floor. If you have carpet flooring, then those particles can become trapped on your floor for a very long time, unless you clean your carpet with upright vacuum cleaners regularly.

The link between carpets and indoor quality

Many different pollutants can dwell in your carpet, and with foot traffic, these pollutants can find their way back into the air and into your lungs. When this occurs, you open yourself and the entire workplace to the risk of health problems such as irritated skin, sore throat, sneezing, and even headaches. If dust and allergen have accumulated in your carpets, your allergic reactions could be even worse.

Vacuuming for health

Vacuuming with the right upright vacuum cleaners is critical to the removal of contaminants from your carpet and the regulation of air quality in your indoor environment. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends the use of vacuums with strong sucking ability and a highly efficient air filter system.

Vacuuming your carpets frequently can help remove potential contaminants and limit their negative effects to your health. Aside from vacuuming, you must also shampoo your carpet periodically. The use of detergent can help loosen stubborn dirt that cling to the carpet fibers. Make sure your carpet is completely dry before reinstalling them onto your floor.

Even if you’re carpet looks okay on the surface, you still need to keep it clean diligently. It can help to stick to a personal cleaning calendar to ensure you do not miss out on this all-too-important responsibility.

Many business owners don’t understand the need to thoroughly clean a carpet on a regular basis. Don’t make the same mistake, because the wellbeing of everyone in your workplace depends on it. For the best upright vacuum cleaners for your needs, put your trust in one of the most reliable names in the industry, Bissell BigGreen Commercial.


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