How To Keep Your Business Clean

How To Keep Your Business Clean

A clean business has many benefits, not only does it make a great impression for your clients and customers but it is also can help make your business a place that you and your employees enjoy spending time. The key to keeping a business clean is having the right plan, the right tools, and the right excution.

Step One: Choosing Your Cleaning Schedule

First and foremost it is important to have a plan in place. Know who is cleaning, what is being cleaned, and when it is going to be cleaned. Many businesses rely on their own team to do certain cleaning tasks on a daily or weekly basis. Creating a clear and concise cleaning schedule and distributing to your team is the best way to make sure everyone is on the same page. Consider the following three questions: who is cleaning, when are they cleaning, how are they cleaning. 


Make sure your team knows exactly who is responsible for which task. Consider what tasks are handled by the team and what tasks are handled by any cleaning vendors. I.e. if your staff is expected to clean-up the office kitchen or empty personal trash cans vs if your cleaning vendor handles daily vacuuming.


Make sure your team understands what is expected daily, weekly, and monthly. Some tasks should be handled on a daily basis like cleaning work stations and shared spaces, while other bigger projects like vacuuming might not be done on a daily basis. 


It is important to provide the right cleaning productions and solutions like vacuums, scrubbing tools, etc. Make sure your team knows what assets you have, and how to properly use, maintain, and store them. 

Step Two: Plan For Incidental Cleaning Needs

Routines are a great place to get started and create a great foundation. But messes are often sporadic and unplanned, so it is important that your team knows what is expected if there is a sudden mess. Again, it is valuable that your team knows what cleaning tools and supplies are at their disposal and that they know what they need to handle vs what might be handled by a janitorial staff or other cleaning vendor. Clear communication can never be overstated. 

Step 3: Get The Right Tools

Make sure you have the right equipment for your office, restaurant, small business etc. For example any property with tiled floors/walls should consider a scrubbing device. Vacuums are effective for floors and carpets. Additionally, floor buffing machines and carpet extractors can also provide extra help with your carpets and floors. We have a variety of industry pages that cover recommendations on the commercial Bissell products that are best suited for different industries. 

Get Recommendations On Cleaning Products

If you are looking for recommendations on any commercial cleaning tools, please give us a call or browse our website for more information on the products we provide.