What Floor Cleaning Products Should I Get My Business?

What Floor Cleaning Products Should I Get My Business?

One of the first things anyone notices about a place they enter is how it is maintained. If you ever walk through the front door of a business and notice a huge mess that is not being addressed, this often reflects poorly on the business management. Because of this, businesses in all industries invest a lot into cleaning equipment, cleaning staff, and other accessories. Of course, keeping your business clean is just one of many things that have to happen every day. Because of this, it is important to pick equipment that is versatile, efficient, and long-lasting. Bissell Commercial cleaning equipment is perfect for any business. In this article, we will cover different floor cleaning options. 

woman using Bissell Vacuum on tile floor

Vacuum Cleaner or Upright/Walk-Behind Floor Sweepers?

One of the first things to consider is what you will use for the small messes around your property. A dustpan and broom is probably the wrong choice if you are looking for a quick and thorough cleaning experience. With that in mind, Bissell has many options. Even among vacuum cleaners you can choose between upright vacuums, backpack, or canister. One thing to consider is the floor material. An upright sweeper is perfect for hard floors and thin carpet materials, but a vacuum is going to be much more suited for thicker carpets. 

Vacuum Benefits

Vacuum cleaners from Bissell provide a variety of cleaning utilities. Different attachments make it possible to not only effectively clean flooring and carpets but also upholstery. One potential drawback is maneuverability. Before getting a vacuum you should consider the cleaning path width, the capacity of the vacuum, and even outlet placement if you plan to use a wired vacuum. A larger vacuum cleaning head can make cleaning quicker for open floors but also decrease your ability to clean around furniture. This is why so many Bissell products come with different attachments to increase their versatility. 

Sweeper Benefits

Upright sweepers are a great alternative to a dustpan and broom and can provide higher maneuverability than some vacuums. Many of our sweepers have floating heads which means you can clean virtually anywhere including under your furniture. 

We also offer walk-behind sweepers which are ideal for large facilities with a lot of open space. Storage facilities, industrial locations, agricultural facilities, and similar spaces can make great use of these larger machines for cleaning more areas in a shorter time period.

Handling Specific Floor Types with Floor Scrubbers

Various floor machines including floor scrubbers are best suited for specific floor types. For example the BGCC1000 is a floor scrubbing machine that is perfect for cleaning tile floors in bathrooms, commercial kitchens, etc.  Our other floor machines are perfect for buffing and polishing floors to give them a shiny, new look. While vacuuming or sweeping can handle a top layer of dust and dirt, using a floor machine routinely is the best way to make your floors look brand new. 


Get Recommendations On Cleaning Products

If you need recommendations for cleaning products for your property’s floors, please give us a call. We would be happy to make recommendations based on your property size, cleaning goals, and the flooring you have.