What Carpet Cleaning Solution Should I Use For My Business?

What Carpet Cleaning Solution Should I Use For My Business?

When cleaning your carpets it is important to use the right formula. Bissell provides many different formulas that are designed for different deep cleaning needs. The reason we have a variety of cleaning solutions and formulas is because different properties have different needs. If you need a recommendation on the right carpet cleaning formula as well as tools for your commercial or residential property, please give us a call, or browse our website to look through the various cleaning solutions we have available for online purchase.

What Is Oxygen-Boosted Cleaning?

One formula we recommend is the 85T61 52 oz 2X Oxy Formula which uses oxygen-boosted cleaning. This formula is great for fighting stains in carpets and upholstered furniture. If you have issues with dye-based stains or ground in dirt and debris, this is a great choice for cleaning your carpet. Oxygen-boosted cleaning formula has extra power against stains compared to other cleaning formulas. If you are cleaning a hotel, apartment building, or other large property with a lot of foot traffic and potential spills, we highly recommend this cleaning solution.

What Carpet Cleaning Products Get Rid Of Allergens?

The 49G51 52 oz 2X Advanced Formula is a great choice for cleaning indoor areas where you need to remove various allergens including pollen, pet dander, dust, and more. This cleaning solution cleans, defoams, neutralizes odors, and helps refresh carpets. This is a great choice for properties that deal with odors. For example, any apartment building hotels that have pet-friendly units might consider using the Advanced Formula to handle both odors as well as allergens left behind by dogs and cats. 

Get Recommendations On Cleaning Products

If you need recommendations for cleaning products and formulas for your property, please give us a call or contact us for more information on our cleaning products.