What Cleaning Products Do Commercial Kitchens Use?

What Cleaning Products Do Commercial Kitchens Use?

Commercial kitchens face a lot of issues when cleaning. Grease and other food waste are difficult to clean, and cleaning is highly important to preventing contamination. That is why it is important to shop for the right cleaning products including both the equipment as well as cleaning solutions that can cut down on grease on appliances, counters, and floors.

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Floor Scrubbers

Floor scrubbers provide great cleaning services for tile floors that are often found in commercial kitchens. They can quickly scrub between grout and tiles. 

With Bissell products there are removable heads for different scrubbing materials that can help clean your kitchens flooring.

Counter Scrubbers

Additionally we sell handheld versions of floor scrubbers that can effectively clean counters and and appliances. 

Like the floor scrubbers, you could replace the cleaning heads of the counter scrubber to provide different cleaning surfaces. This is highly effective for scrubbing through grease and food waste.

Vacuum Cleaners

Finally vacuums cleaners can be effectively used to vacuum dry food waste from both kitchens as well as the dining area of the restaurant. 

Bissell has many different vacuums that can be used to effectively clean restaurants. Visit our online inventory to learn more about our vacuums. 

Floor & Counter Scrubbers for Restaurants

The first product group to consider for a restaurant is a scrubbing tool. Floor scrubbers like the BGCC1000 are effective for cleaning various floor materials including tiled floors. This is a great way to handle splatter from foot that lands on the floors and remove the grease that binds to the surface of the tiles. 

Additionally handheld versions of scrubbers like the BGCC500 are an effective way to clean the counters and work stations of a kitchen. They can quickly cut through grease and food splatter that lands on counters or appliances by scrubbing it away. 

Vacuum Cleaners for Restaurants

Another thing to consider is cleaning products for the dining area. Vacuum cleaners, especially upright vacuums can effectively cleaning all areas of your restaurant. A vacuum can pick up crumbs and other dry food waste that falls around your dining area and commercial kitchen. Upright vacuums provide various cleaning tools and accessories that can add versatility to your cleaning equipment.  

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If you need cleaning equipment for a commercial kitchen, restaurant, or other food service location, you can shop for products online here on our website. Click below to learn more about cleaning products for food service facilities.