How Commercial Cleaning Has Changed in 2020

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How Commercial Cleaning Has Changed in 2020

Throughout 2020 there has been an increasing number of businesses, apartment buildings, and facilities that have looked into hiring janitorial companies. Routine cleanings have become important for sanitization and disinfection. Some commercial cleaning companies are concerned that there will be a drop off in demand for routine cleaning services as 2021 approaches. However, other cleaning companies are looking at the transitionary period of 2021 as an opportunity to display and demonstrate additional value to routine cleanings. Here are our thoughts on commercial cleaning.

What Changed in 2020 For Janitorial Companies

Historically, commercial properties throughout America have had a variety of options when it comes to cleaning. Some smaller offices and businesses utilize their own employees for cleaning services or handle cleaning in-house. Other companies would hire janitorial companies on an as-needed basis. And some larger facilities and residential buildings worked with commercial cleaners on a routine basis. However, the pandemic caused many buildings to change their cleaning schedules. Businesses that already had routine cleanings increase their frequency. Buildings that were only working with commercial cleaners on a “as needed” basis began routine services. And many business owners that had never worked with commercial cleaners, began new services. Janitorial companies that offered disinfection services saw a large increase in demand, especially as many buildings did not have the equipment or tools to handle deep-cleaning and disinfecting.

Commercial Cleaner’s Concerns Moving Forward

Naturally, with an uptick in business, commercial cleaners were able to invest in new equipment including electrostatic disinfection as well as expand their business. However, many leaders in the commercial cleaning industry are worried that there will be an inevitable decrease in the demand for commercial cleaning services. For that reasons it is paramount for commercial cleaning companies to demonstrate added value beyond disinfection and sanitization services and develop their relationship with their clients.

Opportunites For Janitorial Companies To Add Value

During the transitional period of 2021, commercial cleaning companies need to demonstrate value. This includes offering routine cleaning services that businesses, apartment buildings, and other facilities can continue to use when they no longer require regular disinfection. Some ideas include:

  • Garage Maintenance: Utilizing sweepers to clean multiple floors of garages or parking lots.
  • Carpet Care: Utilizing steam-cleaning technology, commercial cleaners can remove stains and improve building air quality by cleaning carpets on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.
  • Floor Care: Vacuuming floors and providing additional floor care can also be a beneficial added service.
  • Cleaning Products: Some janitorial companies have looked into providing cleaning products, restroom products, etc. to their clients.
  • Tenant Services: Janitorial companies that work with residential facilities can add value by providing in-unit cleaning to tenants that opt-in.

Right now it is important for cleaning companies and janitorial companies to invest in new equipment and other value-adding cleaning services.

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