How To Handle Water Damage


How To Handle Water Damage

No property manager wants to deal with unexpected flooding. Whether it is caused by a burst pipe or inclement weather it can become an expensive problem very quickly. That is why quick action is the most effective way to prevent extensive damage to your property. Of course, the first steps in any building flooding situation is to alert all occupants, evacuate if necessary, and to call emergency services if necessary. Once that is done, the next step is to stop the ingress of water. If the water is coming in due to a plumbing problem, an emergency plumbing service may be able to help.

How To Dry Up Water Damaged Floors

Once there is no more water flowing, the next step is to dry and clean the affected areas. The longer water sits on your property, the more damage it will do. This is where high powered air movers come in. Strong fans can quickly dry up carpeting, flooring, and walls that have been affected by water damage. If your facility doesn’t have air movers, there are likely commercial cleaning businesses in your area that provide water damage clean-up solutions. However, you will likely have to wait until they can come out to your location. This is why it is recommended for businesses to own a few air movers. If the water is contained it may be possible to dry up some of the water with towels and other absorbent materials.

Water Damage Repairs

Unfortunately in most cases where there is significant flooding, baseboard and walls may need to be opened up so that air movers can dry the inside of walls in your building. This will require some light contracting, as the air movers protect wooden sections of your wall from getting water damaged. This process also prevents mold growth. Once the areas are dried out over the course of a few days, contractors can apply new drywall and a fresh layer of paint. Once the drywall has been repaired, everything should be back to normal. However, depending on the severity of the water damage you may also need to work with an electrician to ensure that there are no issues with electrical systems.

Purchase Air Movers For Your Property Or Commercial Cleaning Business

Bissell BigGreen Commercial provides a variety of high powered air movers for commercial use. Whether you need them for your janitorial company or for your individual property, having a few air movers can help prevent excessive and expensive water damage. Check out Bissell’s Hurricones, a mobile safety cone that also dries the floors that it sits on. For more information on air movers, please feel free to contact our team with any questions.