Black Friday & Cyber Monday Bissell Vacuum Deals

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Bissell Vacuum Deals

At Bissell BigGreen Commercial, we are excited for our upcoming sales. Don’t miss your chance to get vacuums and power extractors at reduced rates this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you are looking to add some equipment for your commercial cleaning company, or just need a spare vacuum for your office or apartment complex, this is the perfect time to shop.

Get The BG701G For Just $100 on Black Friday

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The BG701G is a two in one powerful that combines both a floor vacuum and hand vacuum. Best of all this vacuum is wireless and rechargeable. Its powerful suction motor and low noise fan make it easy to conveniently vacuum quietly. This is the perfect vacuum for cleaning companies that provide cleaning services in occupied buildings. This vacuum is not disruptive and is perfect for apartment buildings, hotels, and offices that need to be cleaned while guests or employees are present. This Black Friday we are selling BG701G Standing Vacuums for just $100.

Get The BGU7100 For Just $120 on Black Friday

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The BGU7100 is a great commercial vacuum cleaner for all sorts of commercial projects. This standing vacuum is ideal for hotels, apartments, and condo buildings as it efficiently cleans large areas. Perfect for cleaning hallways, lobbies, and common spaces, a BGU7100 vacuum is a great investment in your building’s cleanliness. We are selling BGU7100 Vacuum Cleaners for just $120 for Black Friday only.

Get The BG10 Power Extractor For Just $429 This Cyber Monday

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The BG10 Power Extractor is exactly what the name suggests. This equipment is perfect for deep cleaning and is a must-have for any commercial cleaning company. Featuring edge-to-edge suction and with the ability to clean forward and back, it can make all the difference when removing deep set-in stains and debris from carpeting. The BG10 Power Extractor is perfect for apartment buildings or hotels that allow pets for cleaning up those extra messes. The BG10 can also help clean upholstered furniture. This Cyber Monday we are selling BG10 Power Extractors for just $429.

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