Improving Office Cleaning Services in 2021 with Bissell Products


Improving Office Cleaning Services in 2021 with Bissell Products

2020 saw many cleaning companies get an influx in business as disinfecting and sanitization services became more and more important. Many properties that relied solely on in-house cleaning staffs had to search their communities for vendors that could help them effectively clean and disinfect their properties. During that time, many apartment buildings, offices, and buildings likely began to form relationships with local commercial cleaning vendors. As we approach 2021 it will be increasingly important for those vendors to demonstrate their other cleaning services as well as the benefits of working with them so they can retain new clients they met during 2020. At Bissell BigGreen Commercial we are here to help by providing high-quality equipment that not only does the job right but does the job faster and more efficiently.

The Benefits of Team Cleaning Services

An efficient team of cleaners can effectively clean a building much faster than standard building cleaners. Regardless of the size of the building or office, having multiple cleaners working in unison can effectively get a building cleaned in a matter of hours. This can be very helpful for restaurants, offices, and apartment buildings that want to minimize how long cleaning takes on their property. To achieve the best synergetic effects of team cleaning you need the best team and the best equipment. From vacuums to floor machines, our team has the equipment that your team needs. Investing in high-quality equipment and training your team can provide increased value to your clients.

Air Movers, Extractors, & Additional Equipment

Commercial Cleaners may have started working with many new clients in 2020. That is because these clients recognized a need that could not be effectively met by their own in-house teams. Electrostatic disinfection for example became a much higher search term in commercial cleaning searches. Adding services that are unique and require a professional, can help cement the need for a commercial cleaning team in the eyes of your newest clients. Whether those extra services are emergency flood damage clean up services that come with high powered air movers or simply stain removal services with commercial extractors, Bissell products are perfect for leveraging the professional quality of your services. Having specialized equipment in your vans means that you can provide specialized services that your clients can’t get done on their own.

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