Strengthening The Vendor & Property Manager Relationship

Strengthening The Vendor & Property Manager Relationship

Property managers must fulfill many roles to keep tenants happy. From scheduling apartment tours to ensuring that buildings are up to code, managing a property requires a lot of work. One of the most important aspects of the job is to maintain relationships with a variety of local vendors. This includes working with electricians, commercial plumbers, and of course commercial cleaning companies. Finding the right vendor is a high priority, as is keeping the right vendors.

Benefits Of Working With The Same Commercial Cleaning Company Long-Term

The relationship between an apartment building and a commercial cleaning company is mutually beneficial. For the apartment building, they gain access to both regular cleaning services as well as specialized services. Regular cleaning services include daily or weekly vacuuming in the building, window cleaning, and similar maintenance tasks. Additionally, commercial cleaning companies that have invested in extra equipment may be able to provide services on an as-needed basis. Stain removal, drying up flood-ins, and apartment turnover cleaning services can all be accomplished utilizing specialized equipment. For the commercial cleaning company, apartment buildings are ideal customers. They provide steady work and the longer a cleaning company works with the same building the easier it is to optimize cleaning strategies.

When To Look For A New Commercial Cleaning Company

Although there are many benefits to working with the same commercial cleaning company over time, that doesn’t mean you should overlook obvious red flags. If your cleaning company doesn’t provide the specific services you need, if tenants consistently complain (or negatively rate your building’s cleanliness), or it is hard to get a hold of your cleaning company, it may be time to look elsewhere. Choosing the right cleaning company can be endlessly beneficial for your apartment building, but choosing and sticking with the wrong one can cost you not only money but your building’s reputation over time.

How Commercial Cleaning Companies Can Improve Their Client Relationships

Aside from looking at negative red flags, be aware of the ways a commercial cleaning company can impress you. As mentioned above, cleaning companies can go above and beyond their weekly services by providing specialized services. No apartment building wants to deal with an emergency flood caused by weather or a burst pipe, but when it happens you want to know who to call and know that they will be there soon with air movers ready to go. Additionally, knowing that your cleaning company can help you quickly turn over a unit between tenants is yet another positive service they can provide.

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