How To Perfect Your Restaurant’s Cleaning Schedule

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How To Perfect Your Restaurant’s Cleaning Schedule

Keeping your restaurant clean is not just something that should be done, it is something that must be done. Aside from health inspectors, in the modern digital age, a dirty dining room can quickly lead to negative reviews and pictures posted online. That is why every restaurant regardless of size should have a dedicated cleaning schedule to ensure that your staff and guests enjoy their experience on your property. The key to any successful operation is protocols and consistency. Here are a few details to keep in mind when designing a cleaning checklist.

Cleaning The Back Of House

The benefit/drawback to the back of the house is that it is not often seen by customers and guests. On the one hand, this means it is okay for this area to be a little disorganized. On the other hand, this sometimes emboldens staff to be haphazard with their approach to cleanliness. There are daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning tasks that need to happen in the kitchen to run a successful restaurant or dining establishment.

  • Daily Tasks: Everyday cooking surfaces need to be cleaned. This includes grills, griddles, and fryers. All appliances need to be wiped down, prep areas need to be disinfected, trash needs to be taken out, and sinks need to be empty and clean. Additionally, any spills or splashes should be taken care of.
  • Weekly Tasks: On a weekly basis you need to clean ovens, boil out the deep fryer, and use drain cleaner on any of the floor drains. Additionally, it is wise to wash and sanitize walk-ins on a weekly basis and delime sinks/faucets.
  • Monthly Tasks: There are some tasks that can wait. But make sure that at least on a monthly basis vent hoods are cleaned, walls/ceilings are cleaned to remove grease, sanitizing chemicals are used on any coffee makers, and of course, pest traps are replaced.

Cleaning Front of House

When it comes to cleaning the front of the house, almost every task needs to be daily. Customers, guests, and everyone else sees your front of house. Stains and loose food can quickly tank your online and word of mouth reputations. By far the most important cleaning task you can do is to vacuum the carpets. With the right tools, vacuuming can be done quickly and efficiently. However, it is good to have extractors as well to remove food stains from messy customers. Additionally, you want to wipe down tables, counters, and run any cloth napkins through the washing machine. Bathrooms require their own cleaning checklist to ensure that toilets and sinks stay in pristine condition.

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