New Product Highlights: Commercial Sweepers

New Product Highlights: Commercial Sweepers

Sweepers are a great solution for cleaning both indoor and outdoor areas. They are perfect for retail locations, apartment buildings, parking garages, hotels, and more. If your staff is still relying on brooms and dustpans, a sweeper can be a game-changer. Cleaning parking lots, outdoor decks, and other areas is much more efficient with a sweeper. At Bissell BigGreen Commercial we are excited to announce three new sweepers you should check out.

The US-5 Compact Sweeper

The US-5 Compact sweeper features impressive maneuverability and a compact design. This makes it ideal for squeezing in small gaps and spaces as you clean a crowded parking garage or parking lot. This sweeper is great for restaurants with outdoor dining options. Your staff will be able to easily clean your deck or patio space between shifts. From picking up food and debris to cleaning up shattered glass, this sweeper can make quick work when cleaning an outdoor area. Your employees will love having one less thing to worry about as they go through their end of day cleaning schedule. This battery-powered sweeper makes it easy to quickly and efficiently clean. It features almost 10 gallons of hopper capacity and a two-foot cleaning path.

The US-9 Compact Sweeper

The US-9 Large Sweeper is ideal for bigger jobs. If you have large parking lots or multi-tiered garages, this battery-powered sweeper is the perfect fit for your facility. This model features dual side brushes and self-propelled operation. The cleaning path is almost 3 feet wide and the hopper can hold up to 15.85 gallons of debris. This is the ideal sweeper for large indoor and outdoor jobs.

The BGDFS29 Dust-free Sweeper

The BGDFS29 Dust Free Sweeper is perfect for indoor and outdoor cleaning. This sweeper is perfect for cleaning up dust and debris especially for manufacturing locations and buildings that generate large quantities of sawdust. The sweeper features a multi stiffness Chevron Brush and a side broom for consistent edge cleaning. The BGDFS29 combines both vacuuming and sweeping and can be pushed forward or backward making it a versatile piece of cleaning equipment. This sweeper can collect up to 7 gallons of dirt and debris and features a 29-inch cleaning path.

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If you are in the market for a new battery-powered sweeper, we provide a versatile list of products that fit any size operation. Our team would also be happy to make a recommendation based on the size of your property and your budget. Contact us for more information on power sweepers.