Product Spotlight: Air Movers

Product Spotlight: Air Movers

Every hotel, apartment building, condo, and residential property should have a few air movers on hand. Air movers are an effective way to prevent damage caused by sudden flooding. Whether a single apartment floods due to improper use of plumbing fixtures or there is a leak or damage caused by a storm, when flooding starts the quicker you can address the problem the better. One of the best things you can do for your property is to have a few air movers stored away in a supply closet so that you can quickly dry the area. If there is pooling water in your building, towels will not be nearly enough. You do not want to wait for a water damage remediation company to drive out to you, because every minute of exposure can cause more damage. Here are a few recommendations for air movers.

The BGAM3000

The BGAM3000 is a reliable air mover. This portable easy to use air mover is versatile and effective at quickly drying an area. They can be stacked up to three high safely, increasing your drying output. Each air mover features a 9.5-inch diameter blower fan. The open-flow air intake design gives you the maximum airflow with minimum back pressure. This air mover adjusts into four different positions making it easy to dry floors, carpets, furniture, curtains, and even ceilings. The BGAM3000 is one of the most versatile portable air movers in the industry.

The AM10D Commercial Air Mover

Similar to the BGAM3000, the AM10D is a portable air mover. It has similar features to the BGAM3000. It features a 9.5-inch blower fan and uses the same open-flow air intake technology to ensure that you are getting the maximum airflow without increasing back pressure. Just like the BGAM3000 this air mover can easily adjust into four different unique positions and can be stacked. Both the AM10D and the BGAM3000 are ideal air movers to have in the supply closet of your building. Having a few of these on hand can be the most effective way to promptly handle flooding and water damage.

The Hurricone Cordless Floor Drying Cone Dolly

The Hurricone combines a wet floor safety cone with air moving technology. This cordless battery powered air dryer dries an area while also alerting passerby to the spill. Simply mopping an area doesn’t fully dry an area, and people could still slip. With the Hurricone you can effectively signal to pedestrians that the area is still wet while also drying the surface.