Hurricone Keeps Floors Dry and Safe for Winter


Hurricone Keeps Floors Dry and Safe for Winter

Slip and fall accidents can often be prevented by taking proper precautions.

Here at Bissell, we’ve created the most proactive slip and fall prevention strategy available today. Instead of just warning passerby of potential danger with a “Wet Floor” sign, we’ve taken prevention up a notch by drying floors at the same time as warning people of the potential hazard.

About Our Battery Operated Air Mover

The Hurricone battery operated air mover features a bright yellow Caution Wet Floor warning, but its real benefit comes underneath the cone: the unit decreases drying time by up to 90%. The Hurricone dries floors 360-degrees around the unit and up to 15 feet in diameter, offering 177 square feet of drying power. The replaceable battery pack delivers 12 hours of run-time, making it ideal for post-mopping drying in addition to being an invaluable tool during inclement weather.

The Hurricone’s convenient design makes it perfect for high traffic areas, including entryways, lobbies and hallways in addition to restrooms, factory floors, self-service beverage and food areas, kitchen and dining areas, locker rooms and shower areas.

To learn more about the Hurricone and how it can reduce slip and fall accidents in your facility this winter, give us a call today at 1-800-2542-1378.

Slip and fall accidents are one of the most common causes of unintentional injuries in the United States, and the incidence of them skyrockets during winter when floors are often slick from melted snow and ice. Each year, over one million Americans seek emergency treatment for such falls, and rates of slip and fall accidents have doubled in the last ten years. That causes both major concerns and thousands of lawsuits. 

The True Cost of Slip and Fall Accidents 

Each year, these accidents cause over $30 billion in injuries, and they result in 95 million lost workdays. They are a threat in any facility with hard surface floors, including supermarkets and other retail establishments, offices, schools, hotels and more.