Upright Vacuums are an Essential Tool for Winter Cleaning

Bisell Upright Vacuum

Upright Vacuums are an Essential Tool for Winter Cleaning

Winter is kicking into full gear across the country, and cities from coast to coast are getting socked with snow. For facility managers, keeping up with cleaning salt, ice and snow can feel like an impossible task. Ice melt and debris get tracked in on the feet of every visitor and employee, potentially damaging floors and increasing the risk of slip and fall accidents. 

Cleaning during the snowy season can be challenging, but these tips will help you keep your floors safe and clean this winter. 

The Risks of Snow and Ice on Floors 

Debris, ice, salt and snow can wreak havoc on the floors of your facility. Using the same cleaning tactics during winter that you did in the spring and summer won’t cut it. Extra measures are required to prevent slip and fall accidents and injuries among your employees and guests. 

Both hard-surface and carpeted floors can be damaged by winter elements. Salt brought in from boots can strip the coating off of tile and wood surfaces, and moisture accumulation can cause mold and other issues on carpeted floors. 

Vacuuming to Keep Floors Clear of Snow and Salt

During the winter months, it’s more important than ever to keep ice and snow off your carpeted and hard-surface floors. While installing floor matting at entrances can help reduce the amount of ice melt, debris and snow that gets tracked into your facility, regular vacuuming will be needed to throughout your space to keep it clean and safe. 

Bissell Upright Vacuums for Winter Cleaning 

Our wide range of upright commercial vacuums is ideal for winter cleaning. Our extensive lineup includes lightweight models like the BGU8000 for easy maneuverability, the BGU1451T complete with on-board tools and the BG107HQS with a quiet motor ideal for cleaning spaces without creating a disturbance. 

Whether you are looking for an upright vacuum for day-to-day cleaning or want to increase the cleaning capacity of your team, we can connect you with the best Bissell equipment for your needs. To get expert recommendations and keep your facility’s floors dry, clean and safe all year long, contact us today!