Manual Sweepers for Wet and Dry Materials

woman using Bissell Vacuum on tile floor

Manual Sweepers for Wet and Dry Materials

In 1876, Melville Bissell invented the world’s first mechanical sweeper, featuring a central brush, rubber wheels and vast improvements on vacuum technology. That carpet sweeper is still familiar to cleaners today — and you’ve probably seen something very similar in restaurants or other locations where operators want to clean without disturbing guests with the roar of an electric vacuum. 

Today’s carpet sweepers have built on Melville’s original design to include features that make cleaning carpets and hard surfaces easier and more efficient than ever before. The BG21 sweeper, for example, features corner brushes, a floating head, easy-empty dirt bin, comfortable grip and soft rubber wheels that conform to a variety of floor surfaces. Ideal for bare floors and low-pile carpet, the BG21 has a 9.5-inch cleaning path and dual debris canisters. 

The BG21 also includes a special feature that makes it one of our most versatile pieces of equipment: a double rubber brush for wet messes. 

This feature makes the BG21 the ideal tool for cleaning up a variety of messes quickly and easily without disturbing your surroundings. While the BG21 is a useful tool year-round, it can be especially handy during the winter months when wet debris may pose a slip-and-fall risk to employees and guests in your facility. It’s also the ideal equipment for quickly picking up ice melt left behind by boots. 

Because the BG21 is a manual sweeper, you don’t need electricity to run it. This makes it a convenient choice for grab-and-go cleaning and allows you to use it in any space, regardless of the number of outlets available. No clumsy cord to drag around means effortlessly moving from space to space, giving you increased freedom when cleaning. 

The simple design of the BG21 presents another benefit: very little maintenance! Small power vacuums often require belt replacements, and attempting to clean a large space with a small vacuum will mean even more frequent replacements. Carpet sweepers, by contrast, can take on larger spaces with less maintenance because they don’t have belts to replace. 

If you are looking for a simple, convenient, lightweight and versatile option for winter floor cleaning, contact us today to learn more about the BG21!