Your Step-by-Step Guide on Choosing the Right Vacuum for Your Tile Floors

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Your Step-by-Step Guide on Choosing the Right Vacuum for Your Tile Floors

Selecting a vacuum for your business can pose challenging, especially when there are numerous products available. Whether you manage an office, restaurant, cleaning company or janitorial staff, you’ll want to make sure you’re using the most powerful commercial vacuum on the market. Tile floors, specifically slate, marble, and granite, need careful attention due to the vast amount of dirt, debris, mud, and stains that are commonly visible.

How Often Should I Clean My Tile Floors?

How often your floors should be cleaned is completely dependent upon usage. If you are managing a busy hospital or a business with plenty of foot traffic, tile floors should be cleaned daily. High-traffic areas need consistent attention to ensure the tile floors look immaculate each day.

While many choose to mop or sweep the tile, they often forget to vacuum as well. Vacuuming can actually remove more soil from the floor rather than dusting and mopping. In fact, vacuums can get in cracks and corners of grouted floors while mops simply wipe over the surface. For businesses in the Northeast or areas in cold conditions, using vacuums on tile floor is absolutely critical; vacuums remove snow and salt while mops create a film over the tile.

Different Types of Vacuums

As mentioned, there are numerous types of vacuums with the most common being canister, backpack and upright.

Upright Vacuums: These are the most common types of vacuums and often have a lever you can press to make it easier to maneuver. With a bag to collect debris, upright vacuums are easy to clean out. Additionally, upright vacuums can be used on both hard floors and carpet.

Backpack Vacuums: Another easy-to-use vacuum, the backpack vacuum contains a switch and a motor which cuts down the need for maintenance and repairs. Backpack vacuums are designed to be easy on the back, fitting comfortably on the body and easy to adjust to any posture. These are another type of vacuum that are regularly used for commercial use as employees prefer carrying rather than pushing a standard vacuum and carrying it from floor to floor.

Canister Vacuums: Similar to upright vacuums, canister vacuums are extremely powerful, but the frame is slenderer. Both lightweight and easy to carry, canister vacuums are ideal for people who are cleaning large spaces on a regular basis. You’ll often see cleaners and janitorial companies throughout businesses and offices using a canister vacuum. Successful on both hard floors and carpets, canister vacuums are the go-to for tile floors. Storage is also quite easy because there are no additional accessories to be removed. These vacuums also have a better suction than upright and they’re silent, so if you need to vacuum the entry way to your business such as the lobby of a hotel, you can work with the canister vacuum any time of day.

About Bissell BigGreen Commercial Vacuums

At Bissell, we are dedicated to providing exceptional commercial vacuums for a variety of industries including hospitality, food services, cleaning companies, hotels and more. Below are some of our most popular vacuums used on tile floors.

Commercial BGU8000 Upright Vacuum: Weighing only 8 pounds, the 13” wide cleaning head allows the BGU8000 vacuum to cover a wide space, making it perfect for commercial use. This vacuum also features powerful, high-speed, balanced roller brushes and a fingertip-controlled on/off switch.

Commercial BGBPO6H Backpack Vacuum: Our commercial vacuum is made for all-around use and comes with a 7-years moto warranty. If you have back problems, the commercial backpack vacuum BGBPO6H, has a padded ergonomic backrest making your cleaning experience less of a hassle. Vacuum your lobby, classrooms, salon or hotel rooms, with our whisper-quiet commercial vacuum.

Commercial BGBP10H Backpack Vacuum: Another ergonomic designed backpack vacuum by Bissell, the BGBP10H comes with a lifetime housing warranty and a non-clogging house with particulate deflector. The filtration system removes dust, pollen, pet dander and mold.

Commercial Canister BGCOMP9: This versatile machine is quiet, lightweight and has a combo floor tool that controls the brush height, allowing you to clean on a multitude of floor types. The 50-foot power cord makes it easy to clean larger spaces such as salons, schools, cafes and hotels.

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