Why Your Business Will Fall in Love With Our Commercial Vacuums

Bissell Commercial Vacuum

Why Your Business Will Fall in Love With Our Commercial Vacuums

Business owners have different needs than homeowners when it comes to cleaning supplies and equipment. If you’re like most people who need to clean commercial buildings, standard residential vacuums simply won’t cut it for you. These vacuum cleaners tend to lack enough power to do a thorough job in a commercial space on a regular basis. If you’re in the market for a new OSHA approved commercial vacuum or even your first commercial vacuum, this guide will help you understand why you should choose one of our products.

  1. Excellent customer support – At Bissell Commercial, we believe the customer comes first. This is the foundation of our business and you will experience our incredible client support every time you connect with us. When you buy one of our commercial vacuum cleaners, you are not just getting a high-quality product, but you are also gaining access to exceptional customer service whenever you have questions or comments regarding your purchase.
  2. Get into hard to reach areas – Our commercial vacuums are specially engineered to maneuver into tough to reach spaces, such as behind office equipment and machinery that cannot be moved for cleaning. Many of our products also have optional attachments that are designed to make your task even easier.
  3. Covers large spaces – Typically, commercial spaces are larger than homes, so they call for vacuums that can easily cover large areas. Our product line has been designed with this in mind, so you can rest assured that any Bissell Commercial vacuum you select will be able to clean your entire building with ease.
  4. Lightweight design – We know it can be difficult to vacuum an entire commercial structure, especially when the vacuum is heavy and bulky. That’s why the Bissell Commercial team works hard to create lightweight products that are simple to push and won’t get stuck.

If you think a Bissell commercial vacuum is the right choice for your business, contact us by phone or email today or browse our entire product selection online. We look forward to working with you and sincerely appreciate your interest in our commercial products.

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