What Do I Look for When Purchasing a Commercial Vacuum?


What Do I Look for When Purchasing a Commercial Vacuum?

If you have been thinking about investing in a new commercial vacuum for your business, you might be unsure where to even start. There are dozens of products on the market these days and it can be difficult to narrow down the choices to figure out which options are the most appropriate for your needs. Fortunately, the team at Bissell Commercial is here to make things easier for you. As you continue reading, you will see several factors to take into consideration as you shop for your next commercial vacuum.

Understand different types of vacuums

canister vacuumThere are numerous styles of commercial vacuums available to today’s consumers. In order to select the best one for you, you need to understand the differences among these various types. This way, you can choose the one that best suits your business’s needs.

Canister vacuums Canister vacuums, as you probably expected from the name, involve a wheeled canister with a hose attached to it. They are typically lighter than other vacuum styles and are easy to maneuver into small spaces. Backpack vacuums are a modified form of a canister vacuum in which the canister has been converted to fit on the wearer’s back. These are particularly ideal for narrow spaces.

upright vacuumUpright vacuumsUpright vacuums are a fairly common style that often have bags that need to be replaced when they get filled with debris. Commercial uprights typically have more powerful motors than their residential counterparts and some are available in extra-wide varieties. These are the perfect choice for cleaning wide aisles, such as those in-home improvement stores and vacuumwarehouses.

Backpack vacuums – Very common among businesses, you’ll often find the cleaning crew with a backpack vacuum strapped to them. Lightweight, and designed to sit nicely on your back, these are the go-to for those looking to clean hard to reach areas and high ceilings. The backpack vacuums at Bissell Commercial are ideal for casinos, hotels, motels, offices and more.

Consider the features you need

Every commercial vacuum has its own array of features. To figure out which Bissell Commercial model is right for you, you should spend some time prioritizing the features that matter most to you. Some of the factors you should consider are outlined in this section.

Vacuum weight – Nobody wants to haul around an extremely heavy commercial vacuum on a daily basis. Therefore, considering the weights of the vacuum styles you’re thinking about buying is quite important. At Bissell Commercial, we work hard to make sure our commercial vacuums are as lightweight as possible, but some styles still weigh less than others merely due to their designs.

Warranty – Before you buy a commercial vacuum, make sure you look into the warranty that comes with it. Every manufacturer has different warranty terms. If you have questions regarding Bissell Commercial’s warranty policies, don’t hesitate to contact our customer care team.

Motor life expectancy – Different types of vacuum motors are expected to last for different amounts of time. Generally, the higher powered a motor is, the longer its anticipated lifetime will be; this is not true across the board, however, so doing your research is still important!

Hopefully, this has helped point you in the right direction when it comes to choosing a new commercial vacuum for your company. Again, the team at Bissell Commercial is here to assist you, so if you have any questions as you browse, feel free to call or email us for a prompt response.