Product Highlight: The BGCC1000 Battery Floor Scrubber

Product Highlight: The BGCC1000 Battery Floor Scrubber

When cleaning tile, bathrooms, and other hard surfaces, scrubbing is required to effectively handle grime, soap scum, and hard water stains. For commercial cleaners, hotels, residential properties, and other commercial properties, the BGCC1000 floor scrubber is the ideal choice for quick, efficient cleaning. It provides versatility allowing one person to clean multiple areas of a facility quickly and easily. The BGCC1000 can scrub and polish quickly and is designed to optimize productivity.

Benefits of Commercial Floor Scrubber Machines

When it comes to commercial cleaning, less is more. And by less, we mean less equipment that can do more. Having thousands of pieces of equipment that can each only do one job is a problem for many reasons. Not only does it cost a lot to own and maintain so much equipment, but it also breaks up the flow of cleaning. Whether you are a commercial cleaning company that offers porter services or you manage the janitorial staff at your commercial property, the one thing you cannot afford is to be constantly switching what equipment you are using. That is why Bissell Commercial has invested so much into inventing machines that are multi-use, highly durable, and will make it easier for your cleaners to seamlessly transition from one area to another. Just like how a power drill can support many different bits, the BGCC1000 and BGCC500 can support many different accessories making them highly versatile.

Benefits of Walk-Behind Power Scrubbers

There are many different types of floor scrubbers and polishers. Walk-behind machines allow the user to making a cleaning path in front of them as they go. Now the BGCC1000 is not a walk-behind scrubber in the typical sense. This versatile machine is lightweight and can be used to clean ceilings, walls, and other hard-to-reach areas. The one drawback of a typically walk-behind machine is that its weight makes it best for floor cleaning only. The BGCC1000 is maneuverable which means you can go from cleaning bathroom tile on the floor to cleaning tiled walls, to cleaning almost anywhere. This machine is perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, staircases, and really anywhere with hard surfaces.

Hand-Held Power Scrubbers

But sometimes to really get those hard-to-reach areas you need a hand-held power scrubber. That is where the BGCC500 comes in. This machine uses the same pads, scrubbers, and accessories as the BGCC1000, but fits in the palm of your hand. As mentioned above, wherever Bissell Commercial can make cleaning optimized, they often do. Because the attachments and accessories are the same, you can easily keep a couple of kits on hand that can be used interchangeably between your BGCC1000 and BGCC500. This handheld piece of equipment is perfect for bathtubs, showers, sinks, toilets, and any oddly shaped surface.

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