Great Bissell Commercial Products For Porter Cleaning Services

Great Bissell Commercial Products For Porter Cleaning Services

Proter cleaning services continue to be a popular option for apartment buildings and other facilities. Unlike other commercial cleaning teams, a porter cleaning service is active during the day-to-day activity of the facility. They respond in real-time to issues on the property as well as perform routine tasks. Teams may have the ability to store some cleaning equipment on the premise as well as work out of a well-stocked van. Regardless, equipment storage can be limited. When cleaning a large facility, it is important to have compact equipment that can handle more than one or two jobs. The designers at Bissell have developed many great commercial cleaning devices that are reliable, maneuverable, and most importantly; multi-use. When you work with Bissell Commercial, you get access to equipment designed with optimization in mind. Not only is every piece of equipment made with efficiency in mind, but many tools are also built to work well in tandem so you can get the most work out of each piece of equipment.

Commercial Vacuums For Porter Cleaning Services

Vacuum cleaners are one of the most important tools for cleaning. A large percentage of time is spent vacuuming common areas of a property. From hallways to lobbies to stairwells, having the right vacuum cleaner is a must. Choosing the right type of vacuum is very dependent on the size of your team, the properties you work with, and some other factors. Check out our guide on the different types of vacuums for more information. Generally, you need to find vacuums that make sense for the property you are cleaning. Cleaning path and capacity are important for larger hallways and facilities, while versatility and maneuverability are important for tight spaces and oddly shaped facilities.

Battery Powered Floor Scrubbers For Porter Services

If your service involves cleaning commercial or residential kitchens and bathrooms, you should invest in scrubbing and polishing technology. Bissell offers great hand-held and standing scrubbers that utilize interchangeable attachments. The BGCC1000 and the BGCC500 for example both use the same polishing pads and bristle attachments. By combining these two pieces of equipment you can effortlessly clean tile, hardwood, and other hard surfaces. Their maneuverability means that you can clean walls and ceilings as well as floors, and the hand-held device can be used to handle bathroom fixtures and cleaning around kitchen appliances.

Air Movers For Residential/Commercial Properties

Part of being a porter cleaning service is providing exactly what your clients need. Work is divided between regular cleaning services as well as responding to problems in real-time. Having air movers on hand means you can add an additional level of service to your clients. In the event of a wet floor or water damage caused by weather or a plumbing issue, your team can quickly address the situation and get it under control by drying the area. When it comes to water damage, every minute counts. Instead of waiting for someone to drive out to their facility, facilities that have porter cleaning services know that they have the tools they need on hand to react and solve problems.

Need Some Recommendations?

Our team would be happy to answer questions about cleaning products, accessories and provide recommendations for your specific operation. For more information on commercial cleaning gear, send us a message.