Commercial Benefits of the 13.5" ProCup Single Motor Upright Vacuum

The BGU1937T ProCup upright vacuum cleaner is a lightweight and versatile piece of equipment. It features powerful suction as well as ready-to-use attachments. It is ideal for cleaning bare floor, high carpet, and upholstered furniture. It is a great choice for cleaning hotels or for commercial cleaning vendors that work with large residential properties like apartment buildings, offices, and condominium communities. This vacuum cleaner can easily transition from cleaning hardwood floors to carpeted hallways to furniture in various rooms. This machine comes with a crevice tool, combination dusting brush, an extension wand, and an upholstery tool, making it perfect for handling multiple projects in a property. For more information, give us a call/ 

Download The BGU1937T Manual

How Do I Use The BGU1937T ProCup Vacuum

Like with any commercial cleaning equipment it is important to understand how to use your BGU1937T ProCup upright vacuum cleaner. If you have questions about using this piece of equipment or other equipment, please contact us for more information, download a copy of the manual, or continue reading
Using the Vacuum 

The red power switch is located on the bottom left of the back of the vacuum cleaner. You can press it gently with your foot to turn the power on or off. When you are finished vacuuming or are planning on switching outlets, you should always turn the vacuum off first, then unplug the cord by grabbing the plug at the outlet (never pull the cord to unplug). For storing the cord it is recommended you use the side cord wraps and clip the plug to the power cord when you are done wrapping the cord.

Handle Positions

Underneath the red power switch on the bottom left of the back of the vacuum is the handle release pedal. This can also be pressed with your foot to change the vacuum into one of three cleaning positions: upright, normal, or low. Upright can be used for storage, transportation, and above floor cleaning like upholstery cleaning. Normal can be used for most cleaning tasks and low can be used to clean under furniture.

Using The BGU1937T Attachments & Tools

The BGU1937T also comes with a variety of attachments that store in the back of the vacuum. With the vacuum in the upright position, you can lift the hose wand to separate it from the suction intake opening and use it with the various tools.  These tools include:

  1. Combination Dusting Brush/Upholstery Tool: This tool can be rotated based on your desired use. On one side you have the brush head that can be used for dusting blinds, lamps, shelves, and other areas. On the other side, you have the upholstery tool that can be used to clean furniture and fabric like curtains.
  2. Crevice Tool: The crevice tool can be used to effectively clean tight and narrow spaces including furniture. 
  3. Extension Wand: Increases the reach of your vacuum wand to clean hard-to-reach areas including walls, window frames, etc.

Maintaining & Troubleshooting the BGU1937T ProCup Upright Vacuum

Between cleanings you should make sure to follow guidance regarding maintenance and storage. 

  • Cleaning The Pre-Motor filter: The pre-motor filter is located underneath the filter cup in the center of the round part of the Lock ‘n Seal lever. With the power turned off and the vacuum unplugged, you can remove the small round filter and any debris. Once removed, rinse it under warm water and let it air dry before returning it.
  • Checking The Brush & Drive Belt: With the vacuum off and unplugged you can check the drive belt and rotating floor brush for signs of wear & damage. With the vacuum in the low position, you can remove the screws that hold the brush cover in place. You can clear strings, hair, and other debris from the brush to prevent issues. Stressed areas, wear, and cuts are signs you might need to replace your drive belt or rotating brush.

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