Productivity: The Differences Between Backpack and Upright Commercial Vacuums

Productivity: The Differences Between Backpack and Upright Commercial Vacuums

Here at Bissell, there are two things we love: innovation and options. These two passions are perhaps most evident in our selection of vacuum cleaners. Both our backpack vacuums and upright vacuum cleaners reflect innovations that positively affect the productivity of cleaning crews, and we offer dozens of options for every commercial space.

We are often asked about the differences in productivity between these two product types, and a recent study conducted by the American Institute for Cleaning Sciences shines light on the subject. The results show that there is little difference in terms of productivity between upright commercial vacuums and backpack vacuums.

The AICS study measured cleaning times for 1,000 square feet of carpeted floor in a commercial office building. The space was typical of many offices, featuring obstructed areas containing desks, wastebaskets, cubicles, chairs and desks, but it also included hallways unobstructed by furniture or other items.

Corded and battery-powered backpack vacs were studied along with 12-inch and 15-inch upright commercial vacuums. Three men and three women used the vacuums to clean up confetti throughout the spaces.

It took the workers less than five minutes on average to clean the 1,000 square foot space with obstructions and under three minutes to clean the hallways with both the upright and backpack vacuums. The study concluded that the upright vacuums could clean more than 12,000 square feet of obstructed space per hour, and the backpack vacuums could clean 17,775 feet of obstructed space in the same amount of time. That number increased to 25,000 square feet of unobstructed space with an upright vacuum per hour and 23,000 square feet per hour with a backpack vacuum.

While the data shows little difference in productivity between upright commercial vacuums and backpack vacuums, there are differences between the two types of equipment. Upright vacuums often offer increase maneuverability and added propulsion that minimizes stress for operators, while backpack vacuums offer increased comfort and easier access to attachments that allow for faster cleaning.

If you are debating between purchasing an upright commercial vacuum or a backpack vacuum for your facility, contact our team today at 1-800-2542-1378. We are happy to recommend the best equipment for your needs!