Orbital Floor Machine | Easy Motion BGEM9000 | Versatility At Its Best

Orbital Floor Machine | Easy Motion BGEM9000 | Versatility At Its Best

Floor machines are a priceless asset to any commercial facility. Whether you manage a warehouse, small office building, school, hospital, retail establishment or restaurant, floor machines can protect your floors while saving you time and energy.

But while any floor machine can be an asset, a versatile floor machine is a lifesaver.

The Value of Versatility

Your facility probably contains many different types of flooring. Maybe there is marble in the lobby, carpet in the conference room, tile in the bathroom and hardwood in some offices. Maintaining each floor type requires a different approach, but thanks to the revolutionary versatility of the BGEM9000, maintaining each no longer requires different floor machines.

One machine — the BGEM9000 — can clean the marble, dry clean the carpet, make the tile shine and even buff the hardwood floor. And its cleaning power doesn’t end there. It can even scrub and clean brick, slate concrete and grout — virtually all flooring surfaces.

In the past, maintenance personnel had to invest in many different types of machines to tackle different types of flooring. This is expensive in more ways than one: beyond the initial investment, using different machines erodes valuable work hours, making it more difficult and expensive for your maintenance team to tackle other projects. The time spent learning to use different machines and switching between them may mean other tasks are completely neglected or not given the attention they deserve. Time is money, and the versatile BGEM9000 can save personnel hours each month.

Using many different machines also leads to storage hassles and maintenance headaches. Find storage space for one versatile machine is far easier than making room for a low speed buffer, burnisher, automatic scrubber and sander, and learning to maintain one machine is hands down easier and less costly than doing so for multiple machines. This is the true value of the BGEM9000.

Effective on All Flooring Surfaces

The BGEM9000 is effective on all flooring surfaces. It dry cleans carpet and removes allergens, buffs and sands hardwood floors, scrubs and cleans ceramic tile and grout and can clean, polish and protect marble. You can even use it to polish and strip vinyl and clean and scrub concrete, slate and brick.

Easy Operation

The BGEM9000 makes it easy to maintain all the floor surfaces in your facility. Instead of training your maintenance personnel on how to use multiple machines, they can become experts in one that takes care of everything from carpet to marble.

Take a look at how easy it is to clean carpets with the BGEM9000: Start by vacuuming to pick up any loose dirt, then spray the Bissell Commercial Heavy Traffic Pre-Cleaner on the area to be cleaned and on the carpet bonnet. Attach the carpet bonnet to the pad driver and place both on the carpet. Lift the lightweight BGEM9000 Easy Motion Floor Machine and attach it to the pad drive, then turn the machine on and move it from side to side and back and forth over the area treated with pre-cleaner spray. Once finished, simply remove the pad drive and the carpet bonnet and your machine will be ready to tackle the next task.

The BGEM9000 makes cleaning with dry shampoo easy too — just spray the area with Bissell Commercial Heavy Traffic Pre-Cleaner, sprinkle on dry shampoo, then attach the black carpet brush to the machine. Turn it on, move the machine from side to side and back and forth, then let the dry shampoo site for 20 minutes. Vacuum up the dry shampoo powder with the encapsulated dirt, and you’re done.

Cleaning hardwood floors is just as easy. All you need is cleaning solution, a friction fit brush, the BGEM9000 and a mop. With these tools, you can scrub vinyl, ceramic tile, concrete and more.

Brushes and Pads for Every Application

The BGEM9000 adapts to every floor cleaning application thanks to our durable brushes and pads. Our Easy Motion Brushes include carpet brushes, shampoo brushes, scrub brushes in various sizes and a nylon grit brush designed especially for rough surfaces. Our Easy Motion Pads include 12-inch polish pads, carpet bonnets, lambs wool bonnets, strip pads and a stone care pad.

A Special Offer For You

By using promo code EM12018, you’ll receive a FREE box of pads (5 Pads) or any brush you choose with your purchase of the BGEM9000.

Since 1876, Bissell has been at the forefront of revolutionary cleaning, and our mission is to help businesses foster the cleanest environments possible through efficiency and innovation. If you have questions about the BGEM9000 and how its versatile cleaning power can reduce labor costs in your facility while delivering the highest-quality results, contact us today at 1-800-242-1378 or leave us a message here.