Tools of the Trade: Upright Vacuum Cleaners for Building Services

Tools of the Trade: Upright Vacuum Cleaners for Building Services

For building service contractors, having the right tools is vitally important. They can mean the difference between repeat customers and poor reviews, and one of the most important tools for a building service contractor is an upright commercial vacuum.

The upright vacuum cleaners you choose create healthier work environments, but finding a machine that can keep up with the demands of a busy office or facility can be difficult. That’s why we’ve designed Bissell upright vacuums specifically for your needs. These machines are up to the task of cleaning large buildings while offering features that make it easier and more convenient than ever before for cleaning staff to tackle every nook and cranny.


Our 12” ProShake Upright Vacuum has a number of features that make it ideal for the building services industry. The powerful 870-watt motor delivers the perfect amount of cleaning power, and the large wheels make it easy to move from room to room or level to level. 6-position manual carpet height adjustment makes it a versatile cleaning tool, and the reinforced see-through fan chamber makes cleaning even faster. If you’re cleaning a large space, the 50-foot long power cord with cord strain relief enables you to tackle 100 feet of cleaning area, and the specially-designed handle will keep you comfortable throughout all your cleaning tasks.


Our 16” ProCup Upright Commercial Vacuum offers many of the same features as the BG101 but with a wider cleaning path. Building service contractors will benefit from the reinforced see-through fan chamber, chrome metal hood with “V” shaped motor vents, 6-position manual carpet height adjustment, aluminum roller brush and dirt cup design. The powerful 870-watt motor can tackle any cleaning challenge, and the metal on/off foot switch, heat overload protection system and 50-foot long power cord offer a superior level of convenience.

We are proud to offer these and other tools of the trade for the building services industry, including the BGU1451T upright vacuum cleaner, power sweepers, the BGEM9000 orbital floor machine and more. Contact our team today at 1-800-242-1378 to learn more about how our Bissell upright vacuums and other cleaning machines can enhance your work as a building services manager and ensure your space stays clean, healthy and safe.