The Benefits of HEPA Filters in Your Vacuum

The Benefits of HEPA Filters in Your Vacuum

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Dust and allergens are bound to accumulate on the surfaces of your business. To help keep your employees and potential customers safe and free of runny noses, continuous sneezing, and watery eyes, your vacuuming and cleaning strategy will greatly benefit from a vacuum with a HEPA filter. And while a HEPA filtered vacuum will not atomically solve all of your indoor air quality issues, it will properly seal these particles in while you’re vacuuming to prevent them from escaping back into the space as you go through your cleaning process. 

What is HEPA?

Designed to remove 99% of all particles that pass through your vacuum, HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters are high efficiency air filters with standards set through the United States Department of Energy. While there are some particles that can escape through a HEPA filter, they do help block most common air particles from escaping back into your facility. 

Benefits of HEPA Filters

  1. HEPA filters help improve indoor air quality – By preventing allergens from escaping the filter and putting impurities back in the air, vacuuming with a HEPA filter vacuum cleans your facility from top to bottom and guarantees cleaner, safer air. 
  2. HEPA filters eliminate allergens – Vacuums that have HEPA filters do a much better job at ensuring your facility is clean and free of allergens than your standard vacuum. This means that any allergens that are located on a surface are removed and help keep your team and customers safe and healthy. 

How to Choose a HEPA Filter

Selecting a vacuum with a HEPA filter can seem overwhelming but with the right amount of research and knowing what to look for, the process is much easier. When deciding between filters, always consider:

  • It’s rating
  • Manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Price
  • Overall effectiveness

Bissell BigGreen Commercial HEPA Filter Vacuum Options

BGBP06H – The BGBP06H is a 6-quart HEPA filter backpack that is ideal for commercial spaces that need a good all-around-use vacuum. Under 10 pounds, the BGBP06H is making it easier than ever to vacuum from room to room, removing allergens and particles along the way.

BGBP10H A 10-quart HEPA filter backpack vacuum built with ergonomics in mind. Ideal for larger spaces, the BGBP10H weighs just 10 pounds, has a 50-foot power cord, and non-clogging hose. The BGBP10H removes dust, pollen, pet dander, and mold down to 0.3 microns.

BGCOMP9HHEPA filter canister vacuum that makes cleaning salons, spas, hotels, schools, cafes, and healthcare facilities easier than ever. It’s 1.94 gallon dirt bag is easy to replace and there are five cleaning tools included to help you vacuum even the difficult to reach areas.