Using Upright Vacuum Cleaners to Maintain Floor Mats

Using Upright Vacuum Cleaners to Maintain Floor Mats

Mats can add style and comfort to any room, but they can present a cleaning challenge when placed in a high-traffic area. When cleaning your mats, it is important to consider the following factors.

Know Your Mat

Before applying any chemical cleaning treatments to your mat, make note of the type of material it is made of, its backing material, and any special instructions from the manufacturer. Knowing this information can prevent you from unknowingly damaging your mat during the cleaning process.

Rotate Your Mat

This is particularly important in high-traffic areas. You can elongate the life of your mat and better preserve it by rotating it at least twice a year. For extremely high-traffic areas, consider having multiple mats you can rotate in the space.

Vacuum Daily

Using an upright commercial vacuum every day on your rug can prevent debris from accumulating in the fibers and protect the backing. Our Bissell upright vacuums are lightweight and can easily be used to clean mats throughout your facility daily. Consider running an upright commercial vacuum twice a day or more in very high-traffic areas.

Schedule Professional Cleanings

Ensure a long life for your mat by scheduling a deep clean once a year. Doing so can reverse much of the day-to-day damage done to mats and preserve their quality and beauty.

Stay Out of the Sun

To prevent fading, try to limit the exposure your mat receives to direct sunlight. When the room is not in use, keep the blinds closed.

Know How to Handle Stains and Spills

Finally, use clean cloths to quickly blot up spills. Never rub the mat, as this can increase the likelihood of staining.

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