The Best of The Best: Bissell Commercial Floor Machines

The Best of The Best: Bissell Commercial Floor Machines

With the help of a high-quality floor machine, you’re able to keep your facility clean in half the time but with better results than ever before. At Bissell Commercial, we have several floor machines that will get your space sparkling clean for all of your visitors.

What Sets Our Floor Machines Apart

With over 20 different floor machines models, our floor machines are able to clean facility’s small and large. All of our floor machines have the ability to clean different types of flooring material, adjustable handles to make operation easier, and high torque.

Our Best Selling Floor Machines

BGEM9000 – The easy motion floor machine has a 13″ cleaning path, has an induction motor, 35 foot power cord, and is easy to use.

BGH-19E – With a brush speed of 175 RPM, a 19″ cleaning path, and a metal chassis, the BGH-19E produces results fast and quietly, making it ideal for hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

BGDC-21-2000 – With a 1.5 HP,DC rectified motor, the BGDC-21-2000 eliminates brown-outs, low voltage, and startup torque problems. The adjustable handle makes it easy and comfortable to operate and 21″ cleaning width will get your facility clean quickly.

BGUS1000 – This lightweight, automatic floor scrubber is a must in your cleaning fleet. It’s easy to set up, store, and use.