The Most Common Office Carpet Stains

The Most Common Office Carpet Stains

Office carpets must be clean and free of spots and stains to make a positive impression on clients and guests. Keeping your office looking its best is also good for employee morale, and a well-cleaned space boosts productivity.

One key aspect of keeping your carpets looking their best is being ready to deal with spots before they become stains. The Bissell Little Green Pro commercial carpet extractor is the perfect tool for doing just that. It is our most powerful portable spot cleaner, combining powerful vacuum suction, brushing action and cleaning solution to remove even the toughest dirt and spills. It’s even easy to use in hard to reach areas, like on upholstery and stairs. Its large-capacity tank means fewer trips to the sink, and its superior suction makes it the number one stain-fighting tool we offer.

With the Bissell Little Green Pro commercial carpet extractor, you can tackle these most common office stains:

1. Blood

You may think of your office as a hum-drum place to work with little risk of an accident, but blood stains are common at even the tamest types of businesses. If you’ve ever suffered a slip-up when using a paper cutter, scraped your arm on a piece of equipment or even just suffered a nosebleed at the office, you know that a few spots on the carpet can look very unsightly. Blot up the blood on the carpet as quickly as possible, use cold water to prevent it from congealing and keep blotting without rubbing. Then, let the Bissell Little Green Pro go to work!

2. Ink

Every office environment has had an ink accident before. Maybe you stepped on a ballpoint pen or dropped a toner cartridge. Cleaning up an ink spot without making it worse is tricky, but using the Bissell Little Green Pro can remove the ink without leaving a stain behind or damaging the carpet.

3. Coffee

Most offices run on coffee. While it may help your employees get through the day, it also poses a risk for your carpets. Remove as much as you can by blotting, making sure to avoid rubbing and just making things worse.

The Bissell Little Green Pro can tackle all these spots and more. Give us a call today at 1-800-242-1378 to learn more about how it can help make your office look its best!