Tips For Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Tips For Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are often a part of many offices, retail locations, hotels, and other businesses. Compared to floorcare, carpet cleaning can require more regular cleaning and maintenance. While vacuuming is a great way to handle surface cleaning. Deep cleaning is often necessary to remove smaller debris, dust, and dander that not only makes carpets look dirtier but also leads to odors and decreased air quality. Carpets can also get stained from mud or other wet messes. It is important to understand the multiple methods and tools that can be used to improve commercial carpet cleaning. 

Should You Hire Commercial Carpet Cleaners?

One obvious solution for handling carpet cleaning projects for your property is to work with a vendor. A commercial carpet cleaning company will likely have the tools, equipment, and team to help with your cleaning projects. Of course, you will need to consider budget as well as scheduling. Some properties, like hotels, condos, and apartment buildings require daily on-site cleaning. Other properties like retail locations might handle their own daily cleaning activities and then hire a team for routine deep cleaning projects. Whatever you pick, it is important to understand where their services will begin and end for your property, and what slack your team might need to pick up. 

What Vacuum Is Best For Commercial Carpets?

When looking for vacuum cleaners for day to day cleaning projects, you should consider a few key factors for your space. What is the foot traffic for your space, what is the debris that you are cleaning, what is the size of the space you are cleaning, and how often do you need to clean? For example, if you manage a large apartment building that is pet-friendly and has a carpeted lobby area, you will need to have daily carpet cleaning solutions to handle pet hair and dander that accumulates in lobbies, hallways, and other shared spaces. You will want a vacuum cleaner that provides powerful suction, edge-to-edge cleaning, and air filtration to avoid polluting the air with pet dander. You might also want to consider maneuverability and versatility. A vacuum cleaner that is lightweight and maneuverable can get around furniture. A versatile vacuum might have attachments that help clean other surfaces including walls, blinds, and upholstered furniture. 

How Do You Deep Clean Carpets & Remove Stains?

Another thing to consider is handling deep cleaning and stain removal. While you could hire a third party for deep cleaning services, there are a variety of pieces of equipment like carpet extractors that can be used to deep clean or steam clean carpets. These machines are great investments for businesses and facilities that need to deep clean their carpets routinely. 

Get Recommendations from Bissell Big Green Commercial

Here at Bissell BigGreen Commercial, we are happy to work with businesses to help provide recommendations on how best to clean their property. We provide a variety of floorcare solutions including carpet cleaning equipment. From vacuums to power extractors, we can provide recommendations that are best suited for your cleaning needs. Give us a call or click below for more information.