What’s The Best Way To Clean A Greasy Kitchen?

What’s The Best Way To Clean A Greasy Kitchen?

A commercial kitchen in a restaurant can get dirty very quickly. Even on a slower day, it can be difficult to successfully prevent messes, or clean during the work day. Over time counters, floors, and kitchen equipment can all get covered in grease. The best solution is a combination of technique, routines, cleaning solutions, and cleaning equipment. Read on to learn how to overcome grease in commercial kitchens.

How To Clean a Greasy Restaurant Kitchen Floor

Step One: Preparing To Clean

One of the first steps in cleaning any area is preparation. Preparing your kitchen floor for cleaning includes making sure your path is clear for cleaning, removing utensils, and moving equipment on counters, and most importantly making sure you have clean equipment to work with. One of the main causes of issues when cleaning kitchens is using dirty cleaning equipment. If sponges, mops, or floor cleaning equipment is still greasy from a previous day of cleaning you will end up spreading the grease around instead of actually removing the grease. One of the final steps of prep is to quickly sweep up floors and counters to remove any food debris or crumbs before you get to work scrubbing. 

Step Two: Use Cleaning Solution Designed To Clean Grease

Grease is an especially difficult thing to clean. Grease is insoluble in water which means water and regular soap won’t break it down effectively. This can lead to the frustrating process of pushing grease around instead of actually cleaning it, leading to slippery floors and counters. For this reason there are cleaning formulas designed to handle grease. Cleaning solutions designed to chemically break down grease and animal fat. These cleaning solutions can be more abrasive than other cleaning solutions so keep that in mind when scrubbing floors and counters to avoid scratching. 

Step Three: Apply The Cleaner & Scrub The Floor

First you will want to apply the diluted cleaning solution to your floor or counter an make sure no spots are missed. Make sure to follow any specific instructions regarding dilution or sit-time. Many de-greasing cleaning solutions will recommend that the cleaner sit on the floor to allow for the break down of grease. Once you are ready to scrub, you will want to use equipment that features a scrubbing brush that has hard bristles. One recommendation from Bissell BigGreen Commercial is our BGCC500 (for counters/equipment) and BGCC1000 for floors. 

Step Four: Rinse The Floor & Let It Dry

When you are done scrubbing the floor you will want to rinse the floor and let it drain through the floor drains. If your kitchen doesn’t use floor drains, you should still clean the floors with water and mop to remove the cleaning solution and grease that was scrubbed up. Alternatively, some cleaning solutions like the BGUS1500 can dry floors as they clean them. Make sure that if you are letting your floors air dry after cleaning that this is known to your employees to prevent slips. If you mop the floor make sure to use a clean mop that doesn’t have grease on it (which would undo all of your hard work). 

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