Tips for Commercial Vacuum Maintenance

Tips for Commercial Vacuum Maintenance

A regular maintenance schedule is crucial for your commercial cleaning equipment to ensure it works properly and to help extend its lifespan. Without one, downtime and repair costs can become significant and overtime, greatly impact your company’s bottom line. Cleaning equipment and vacuums are also a big investment and they should last a long time.

Changing the Vacuum Filters

With use, the filter in your vacuum will start to clog up and if not cleaned out ad replaced, the vacuum won’t work as efficiently as it should. Before operating your vacuum, check for damage and dirt build up in your filter. If there is extensive damage or dirt, it’s time to replace your filter! On average, it’s ideal to change out your filter every three months.

Tips for Cleaning Your Vacuum

Empty the Bag or Cannister – Overfilled bags can cause operating failures, damage, and poor efficiency. Change out your vacuum bag and dispose of it ever three months.

Clean the Inside of the Vacuum – When you replace your vacuum bag, also take the time to wipe out the inside of the cannister and upright portion with a damp cloth to remove residue.

Check the Vacuum Brushes – Dust, debris, and hair can get wrapped around the brushes of your vacuum very easily, clogging the suction and inhibit poor performance. Keep the bristles free of this build-up as much as possible.

Check the Cord – Overtime, your vacuum cord will get dirty from dragging on the ground, and damage from pulling on corners or being run over. Check for any damage and order a new cord if needed!