Upright Vacuum Cleaners vs. Backpack Vacuums: Which is best?

Upright Vacuum Cleaners vs. Backpack Vacuums: Which is best?

Choosing the right vacuum cleaner for your needs is important — after all, it will form the very foundation of your entire carpet care program. When you choose the right vacuum, you can clean more effectively and extend your carpet’s life while also limiting dust and allergens in your facility.

When considering which kind of vacuum to choose, you’ll have to consider a few key points. What kind of carpeting do you have? How much of your facility is carpeted? And how many obstructions will you be dealing with as you clean? in other words, is there a lot of “stuff” in the way?

Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Upright commercial vacuums have been around for nearly a century, and although innovations have made them more powerful and efficient, their basic design hasn’t changed much. Upright vacuum cleaners rely on a beater brush to collect debris, dust and dirt in a tank, cup or bag.

These machines work best in open areas or those with few obstructions, like heavy furniture that cannot be moved. Ideal fo deep-cleaning carpet every day, these machines can lift debris without producing unwanted damage.

Our Bissell upright vacuums are cost-effective — they provide outstanding cleaning power at prices that won’t break your budget, making it possible for you to stock up on several cleaners for your entire cleaning team.

These machines also have varying cleaning paths, allowing you to choose the best option for your facility’s layout. Choosing the right cleaning path lets you suck up more grime, dirt and dust with every pass, saving you valuable time and energy. Upright vacuum cleaners are a great option for cleaning entire hallways and rooms quickly.

Many Bissell upright vacuums rely on motorized brushes to dislodge caked-in grime and dirt. This means they can penetrate deeper than other cleaning machines.

Backpack Vacuums

Need more flexibility with your carpet cleaning equipment? A backpack vacuum may be a great option. These special canister vacuums are worn on the operator’s back, similar to a backpack. This innovative design allows for increased productivity and enables the operator to clean easily around edges and in tight spaces. Backpack vacuums are also a good choice for cleaning upholstery, vents and blinds due to their high maneuverability.

Still not sure which option is best for you? Give our team a call today at 800-242-1378. We’d be happy to assess your needs and recommend the ideal Bissell upright vacuum or backpack vacuum for your facility!