What is a HEPA Filter?

What is a HEPA Filter?

High-efficiency particulate air filters, also known as HEPA filters, can trap a large number of small particles that non-HEPA filtered vacuums would recirculate back into the air during the vacuuming process. In your commercial facility, minimizing dust, dander, and other allergens is crucial and with the help of a HEPA filter vacuum, you’ll be able to better protect your employees and visitors that suffer from allergies and respiratory conditions, while also getting a good clean.

True or Absolute HEPA Filters

HEPA filters must meet a specific standard to be considered a true HEPA filter. When purchasing a HEPA filter for your vacuum, look for the test results printed on the filter. All true or absolute HEPA filters have a serial number assigned to them, are proved to trap at least 99.97% of particles of 0.3 microns, and have the test results printed directly on the filter.

HEPA-Type Filters

There are HEPA-type filters available that look and seem like true HEPA filters, but they do not meet the same stanards as true or absolute HEPA filters. These HEPA-type filters will only capture 85-90% of all particles, with the percentage falling lower for particles below one micron.

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