Upright Vacuum Cleaners: Commercial vs. Consumer

Upright Vacuum Cleaners: Commercial vs. Consumer

Upright vacuum cleaners are essential pieces of equipment for any building service contractor, but choosing the wrong ones can be a costly mistake. Those who pick consumer models instead of upright commercial vacuums may pay a hefty price for their choice over time.

Building service contractors are cleaning professionals, and they need professional cleaning equipment to get the job done right. Consumer upright vacuum cleaners are simply not designed to withstand a tough workload. Most are engineered to run for no longer than 20 to 30 minutes about once a week.

In contrast, a Bissell upright vacuum is built specifically for professional use. Our upright vacuum cleaners are designed for rigorous use, and they can easily withstand the wear and tear of commercial cleaning operations.

Invest in an Upright Commercial Vacuum or Pay for Costly Repairs

Building service contractors have a choice when it comes to upright vacuum cleaners: They can invest in an upright commercial vacuum, or choose a consumer vacuum and spend large sums of money on costly repairs. Often, these costs far exceed the original price of the equipment, forcing contractors to purchase new machines (usually, sooner than later!). The costs are amplified even more when accounting for the downtime that occurs when a piece of equipment cannot be used.

Quality commercial machines, like our Bissell upright vacuums, not only require fewer repairs, but they are also easier to fix without hard-to-find parts or long waits for a repair shop. Commercial machines are designed with contractors in mind, so they often are made for easy repairs and parts are readily available.

With these machines, often dubbed “throwaway vacuums,” the lowest price ends up costing more in the long run.

Bissell Upright Commercial Vacuums for Every Industry

If you are looking for upright vacuum cleaners, stick with commercial models for all your professional cleaning needs. We provide upright models for every industry, including the BGU8000 (ideal for hospitals), the BGU1451T (perfect for building service contractors), the BG101 (great for schools) and the BGUPro 12T (a top choice for healthcare facilities).