Using a Commercial Carpet Extractor: FAQs

Using a Commercial Carpet Extractor: FAQs

Commercial carpet extractors are widely misunderstood and often the topic of debate among cleaning and facility managers. How these Bissell carpet cleaners are used depends on facility types and the desired level of cleanliness, which sometimes leads to confusion. Today, our experts are weighing in on some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about commercial carpet shampooers and commercial carpet extractors so you can clean with confidence!

Q: Which is better for extraction — hot or cold water?

A: Although many of today’s chemicals are specially formulated to perform with either hot or cold water, hot water remains the top recommendation. Hot water makes the extraction process more efficient because it reduces the water’s surface tension, allowing it to clean faster. Heat also increases the rate soil is broken down and enables you to clean using fewer chemicals.

Q: When should I use dry vs. wet extraction?

A: Hot water extraction is ideal for yearly (or twice-yearly) deep restoration cleanings and is particularly effective when cleaning greasy or heavy soils. Dry methods are fine for monthly and daily cleanings.

Q: How often should I use a commercial carpet extractor?

A: The answer largely depends on the needs of your facility. Most debris tracked into the average building is dry soil and can be removed by pile lifting and vacuuming. This means that for most facilities, cleaning by extraction needs to only be done once or twice a year.

Exceptions are facilities with very high traffic, like schools or busy office spaces, and those that more frequently experience greasy or sticky soil. Depending on your foot traffic patterns, some areas of your facility may need extraction more frequently than others — for example, the lobby carpets may need to undergo extraction cleaning quarterly while upstairs offices will be fine with twice-yearly deep cleanings.

Q: Does carpet extraction affect the life of a carpet?

A: Extraction is essential to maintain the appearance and life of carpet. Without deep cleaning, debris becomes embedded into the fibers of the carpet and can eventually grind down both the fibers and backing. Deep cleaning with carpet extraction is an important part of a regular maintenance program and can extend the life of your carpet by years.

Have more questions about commercial carpet extractors? We are happy to give you advice and connect you with the best Bissell carpet cleaner for your needs — just contact us today!