What Is The Best Commercial Wet/Dry Vacuum?

What Is The Best Commercial Wet/Dry Vacuum?

Versatility and efficiency are at the heart of many of the recent pieces of cleaning equipment that have hit the market. Mop Vacs or Vacuum/Mop combos have become popular both for residential use and commercial use. Here at Bissell BigGreen Commercial, we have recently started selling a handful of products that can help improve floor care by doing multiple things simultaneously. From wet/dry vacuums like the BGFW13 FloorWash All In One Vacuum & Mop to the compact BGUS1500 Electric Floor Scrubber / Dryer, if you are looking for equipment that can help your business be more efficient, you should look at some of these hybri cleaning products. 

What Is a Commercial Wet/Dry Vacuum?

There have been many different names floating around lately to describe wet/dry vacuums, including vacuum & mop combos and mop vacs. Simply put, these machines do exactly what the name implies. To clean up wet and dry debris, they both vacuum up debris while also dispensing cleaning solution and mopping up the floor. A great example of a machine like this is the BGFW13 FloorWash. This machine is actually a 3-in-1. Not only does it handle mopping and vacuuming, but it also dries the floor. This is the perfect solution for businesses across many different industries especially places that are customer or client facing. A piece of equipment that not only cleans floors quicker but also dries floors is extremely valuable in preventing disruptions in service. That is why many retail locations, restaurants, and other commercial properties are interested in wet/dry vacuums. 

How Does The BGUS1500 Work?

The BGUS1500 Electric Floor Scrubber / Dryer is not a wet/dry vacuum. Instead of vacuuming, this machine combines floor scrubbing and drying. Similar to the BGFW13 FloorWash, this machine handles two jobs at once, and more importantly, dries floors so they can be used immediately after cleaning. However, this machine is designed to help scrub various hard floor surfaces. In fact, combined with the BGFW13 FloorWash these two machines can help handle the bulk of your floor care projects throughout your property. The BGUS1500 also has two versions, one that uses a cord, and one that is battery powered, which can help properties with larger floors. 

Should Your Business Get A Combo Cleaner like the BGFW13

One of the key benefits of combination cleaning devices is that they decrease cleaning times. The BGFW13 can clean both wet and dry messes at the same time. It is perfect for handling spills throughout a property. For example, if a customer knocks over a glass bottle with a beverage in it, this can clean up both the glass and the liquid, and it can also dry up the area afterwards. Even without a sudden accidental mess, the ability to mop a floor, vacuum loose debris, and dry the floor in a single quick cleaning session can really free up time for your cleaning team. That said, finding the right products for your property are often dependent on how often you need to clean, the floor materials and carpets in your property, and other key factors. If you need a recommendation on cleaning equipment for your business, we would be happy to help. The team here at Bissell BigGreen Commercial has decades of experience helping businesses get the product that matches their needs and budget. 

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