Why You Should Purchase OEM Parts and Accessories

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Why You Should Purchase OEM Parts and Accessories

If you’re a cleaning contractor, one of your biggest concerns is how to maximize the uptime of your vacuums, floor machines and other equipment. When it’s time for maintenance or repairs, you have a choice: Should you order parts from the manufacturer, or look into the aftermarket and try to find a will-fit vendor?

You may be tempted to simply order the cheapest replacement parts or accessories, but sticking with the original manufacturer’s parts is your best bet for many reasons.

OEM Parts Offer Quality

Sure, you can probably find filter bags online or at your local big-box retailer, but will they be made from the same high-quality materials as the original? That’s unlikely, and when considering fit and function, remember that the original manufacturer does it best. If you’ve ever experienced the frustration of trying to install a replacement part that doesn’t quite match up, you know how valuable OEM parts are. Avoid that frustration by purchasing parts designed by the manufacturer.

Support and Warranties

OEM parts often have better guarantees than those from will-fitters or 3rd-party suppliers. Using a non-OEM part may also threaten your warranty coverage. You may lose your right to a warranty claim if you used a part or accessory that doesn’t match the specifications of the manufacturer, putting you on the hook financially for damages and repairs.

Reliability & Durability

Bissell has represented the best in professional deep cleaning equipment since 1876. That means we’ve spent 142 years refining our distribution networks and supply chains. When we tell you a part or accessory is on its way, you can trust that it will show up on time. When you shop with a 3rd-party supplier, you lose that reliability and may end up with an expensive disruption in your work schedule.

Not all parts and accessories are made equally. This goes back to quality but extends beyond fit and function. When you buy OEM parts and accessories, you know you are getting the same durable design and materials as the original equipment. You just can’t say that with any certainty about third-party parts.

When you shop our accessories and parts, you can be sure that you are getting the quality, reliability, durability and support you’ve come to expect from Bissell Commercial. Check out our full line of accessories here, including attachments, bags, filters, pads, brushes, belts and more.