4 Reasons to Choose a Backpack Vacuum for Your Business

4 Reasons to Choose a Backpack Vacuum for Your Business

One of the most important parts of running a business is keeping it clean and giving customers a great first impression of the space, whether it’s their first time visiting, or their millionth. The cleanliness of your space reflects how much you take care of it and the cleaner the space is, the healthier and safer it is for your customers and employees.

With the correct cleaning products and a backpack vacuum, keeping your business clean has never been easier. If you haven’t considered a backpack vacuum for your business, here’s why you should choose one over a traditional floor model.

They’re More Productive

When utilizing a traditional floor model vacuum, maneuvering around a room without tripping on the power cord is a feat in itself. With a backpack vacuum, the lightweight machine is worn on your back with the cord dangling behind you, making it safer and easier to get around a room while cleaning.

With less hazards and worries while vacuuming, you’re able to clean more efficiently and even vacuum up to 1,000 square feet more per hour than with a traditional floor vacuum.

They Help Reduce Costs

Backpack vacuums are constructed a little bit simpler than traditional floor vacuums, which means there are fewer parts to maintain. With fewer parts, it’s more affordable and easier to replace parts when things do go wrong, leading to less downtime.

With the efficiency of backpack vacuums, you’re also able to cut back on labor costs.

Backpack Vacuums Are More Ergonomic

There are more cleaning-related injuries each year than you would expect. These injuries are typically the result of poor ergonomics and overexertion and as a business owner, keeping your employees healthy and safe is important.

With the weight of a backpack vacuum balanced on the back, vacuuming requires less frequent and extreme arm and leg extensions while utilizing the machine than that of a traditional floor vacuum. A backpack vacuum also allows workers to have a more natural posture while cleaning, reducing inflammation and soreness.

Additional Health Benefits

Cleaning isn’t just about creating great first impressions, it’s also about creating a healthy environment for your employees and customers. With millions of microscopic organisms living all around us, dirt, dust, and debris can build up and trigger asthma and allergies, as well as spread illness. By vacuuming regularly, you’re able to reduce the spread of these allergens and illnesses.