Why You Should Invest in the BG10 Extractor

BG10 Vacuum

Why You Should Invest in the BG10 Extractor

If there is one piece of equipment you invest in this year for your business, make it be the Bissell Commercial BG10 Extractor. With over 100 years in the commercial cleaning business, Bissell knows their equipment inside and out, and the BG10 Extractor is one of the best commercial carpet extractors on the market.

Features & Benefits of the BG10 Extractor

BG10 Vacuum

Dual Tanks – The BG10 Extractor features two large 1.75 L tanks, the top tank holds the dirty water while the bottom tank houses the clean water. Having the two tanks allows users to spend less time refilling and emptying the machine, and more time cleaning, two tanks also helps get a better clean.

Dual Motors – Unlike any other carpet cleaner it’s size, the BG10 features dual motors. One turns the cleaning brushes and the other runs the suction function of the extractor.

Flow Indicator – The flow indicator on the BG10 will let you know if the water or cleaning solution levels are low so you can spend less time guessing and more time cleaning.

Adjustable Handle – With a foldable handle, you’ll easily be able to store your BG10 extractor in small spaces and you’ll also be able to easily transport it.

Edge-to-Edge Suction – Getting a good clean the first time around is important and since the BG10 does not have any additional attachments to achieve a deep clean, edge-to-edge suction ensures that deep clean. And with a dedicated suction motor, your carpeting will dry faster.

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