Commercial Multi-Purpose Floor Machine For All Flooring Surfaces

The Perfect Tool For Cleaning Multiple Flooring Types

The BGEM9000 is the perfect floor machine for a variety of flooring materials. Not only does it work on hard flooring materials like marble, vinyl, and hardwood, but it can also be used to dry clean carpets or clean tile & grout. This multi-purpose floor machine is the definition of versatility, and makes it easier to handle multiple jobs with a single machine. For more information about our flooring machines, please give us a call. 

Benefits Of The
The BGEM9000 Easy Motion Floor Machine

Cleans All Types Of Floors

The BGSV696 is a maneuverable cleaning option. Not only is it lightweight but it is also cordless making it perfect for large rooms and facilities. Additionally, this vacuum cleaner has a small head that can easily move underneath furniture and the tank for the vacuum is closer to the handle, making it less bulky when cleaning around or underneath objects.

Easy To Operate

The BGEM9000 uses and orbital drive. This drive makes it easier to clean smoothly and prevents torque, swirling and gouging. And with the BGEM9000's many different pads, it is easy to strip, polish, or scrub floors.

How Do I Clean Different Floor Materials Using the BGEM9000?

Cleaning Carpets

Cleaning Wood Floors

Cleaning Porcelain

Cleaning Vinyl

Marble Flooring

Concrete Flooring

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